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Where to Buy Tea Sets Wilkes Barre PA

There is an ever-increasing awareness of the healthful properties of tea. Modern science continues to elucidate the specific chemical compounds that appear to be the active ingredients in tea. However, what of the tea drinking ritual itself? Is it possible that spending some time every day preparing the tea, according to time-honored traditions, might also be beneficial? Read below for information on tea, tea preparation, teas sets or related products.

Tea Bar
(570) 941-3333
431 Lackawanna Avenue
Scranton, PA

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The Garden Tea Room
(570) 788-4832
329 Main Street
Conyngham, PA

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Dunkin' Donuts
(570) 970-3444
41 Public Sq
Wilkes Barre, PA
Starbucks Coffee Company
(570) 824-3735
2030 Wilkes Barre Township Marketplace
Wilkes-barre, PA
Dunkin' Donuts
(570) 719-0108
22 W. Main St
Plymouth, PA
The Blakeslee Inn
(507) 646-1100
Route 940
Blakeslee, PA

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Dunkin' Donuts
(570) 823-0690
495 Johnson St
Wilkes Barre, PA
Dunkin' Donuts
(570) 208-1238
532 Scott St
Wilkes Barre, PA
Dunkin' Donuts
(570) 714-4449
1318 Wyoming Ave
Kingston, PA
Dunkin' Donuts
(570) 654-0100
801 Wyoming Ave
Pittston, PA
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