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Where to Buy Tea Sets Saginaw MI

There is an ever-increasing awareness of the healthful properties of tea. Modern science continues to elucidate the specific chemical compounds that appear to be the active ingredients in tea. However, what of the tea drinking ritual itself? Is it possible that spending some time every day preparing the tea, according to time-honored traditions, might also be beneficial? Read below for information on tea, tea preparation, teas sets or related products.

Japanese Cultural Center and Tea House
(989) 759-1648
527 Ezra Rust Drive
Saginaw, MI

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Starbucks Coffee Company
(989) 799-6139
2685 Tittabawassee
Saginaw, MI
Starbucks Coffee Company
(989) 624-5220
8615 Main Street
Birch Run, MI
Dunkin' Donuts
(989) 837-2990
1917 S. Saginaw Rd
Midland, MI
Tim Hortons
(989) 753-0273
2039 N Michigan Ave
Saginaw, MI
Tattered Pages and Tea
(989) 992-4163
1018 N Johnson Street
Bay City, MI

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Starbucks Coffee Company
(616) 846-4010
1116 Robbins Rd
Grand Haven, MI
Starbucks Coffee Company
(989) 631-2472
7201 Eastman Avenue
Midland, MI
Tim Hortons and Cold Stone Creamery
(989) 793-5288
4870 State St
Saginaw, MI
Red Eye Caffe`
(989) 793-1411
205 North Hamilton Street Saginaw
Saginaw, MI
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