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Where to Buy Tea Sets Brattleboro VT

There is an ever-increasing awareness of the healthful properties of tea. Modern science continues to elucidate the specific chemical compounds that appear to be the active ingredients in tea. However, what of the tea drinking ritual itself? Is it possible that spending some time every day preparing the tea, according to time-honored traditions, might also be beneficial? Read below for information on tea, tea preparation, teas sets or related products.

Twilight Tea Lounge
(802) 254-8887
41 Main Street
Brattleboro, VT

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Austin Hill Inn
800-332-RELA / 802-464-5281
Route 100
West Dover, VT

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Burdick Chocolate Shop & Cafe
(603) 756-9058
47 Main Street
Walpole, NH

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Dunkin' Donuts
(802) 251-6080
327 Marlboro Rd
Brattleboro, VT
Dunkin' Donuts
(603) 256-6723
18 Georges Field
Hinsdale, NH
The Queen of Cups
(413) 648-3006
77 Church Street
Bernardston, MA

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Adams Family Farm
(802) 464-3762
15 Higley Hill Road
Wilmington, VT

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Dunkin' Donuts
(802) 254-4987
Putney Rd
Brattleboro, VT
Dunkin' Donuts
(802) 254-8809
469 Canal St
Brattleboro, VT
Dunkin' Donuts
(603) 354-7700
189 W Swanzey Road
Swanzey, NH
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