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Your Holistic Path Massage Therapy
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Duluth, MN
Arrowhead Psychological Clinic P A
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324 W Superior St Ste 600
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Le Source Electrolysis Center
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31 W Superior St, suite 101
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Duluth Clinic Fitness & Therapy Center
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Heck Douglas Phd Lp
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Harbor City Psychological Associates
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Bergman Brenda L Phd
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Full Circle Center For Psychotherapy Spiritual Direction & Body Work
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Gish David Md
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Bringing Wellness Home

by Colleen Langenfeld

Do you think that wellness is fundamentally important? If you're reading this article, you probably do.

I've noticed that some people think of wellness as a luxury item. If they have enough time, then they'll exercise. If they have enough money, then they'll take vitamins. And to tell the truth, that's how I thought of wellness for many years.

But not any more.

Now, I see wellness as part of my family's foundation. For example:

- I want my kids to be able to do well in school, so I pay attention to the nutrition and rest they receive.

- I want to be able enjoy my life as long as possible. So I take an active role in caring for myself using tools like good-quality supplements, stress management, and pursuit of high-quality relationships.

Today's incredibly busy lifestyles leave little 'spare' time. Indeed, the pace we expect to maintain demands that we take premium care of ourselves; body, mind and spirit. Just as we understand we need to care for our expensive automobiles to keep them working properly, so we need to realize we are using billion dollar bodies which cannot be replaced.

Adding one more thing to our already overworked schedules is simply too daunting, though. So forget about ‘adding' wellness. Instead, what if we look at what we are already doing in our everyday lives and tweak a few things here and there to our advantage.

- Be practical. Make it your aim to gently increase the level of wellness within your home in measurable ways. Scrutinize the activities you're currently doing and focus on improving results. For example, you are already eating, right? Decide to replace one meal a week with a low-fat version. You could simply switch to low-fat ingredients or opt for a scrumptious new recipe. Keep this simple! Do a low-fat recipe search online and choose recipes that are tasty and fast. Or go to a place like Healthy Recipes   where you can see a variety of nutritious recipes every day ready to print out and use.

- Slow but steady. Think you have to do a major overhaul to see an improvement in the wellness level in your family? It's just not so. If you commit yourself to one change a week (like the recipe idea) you'll see the power that small, steady change can create in your life. Subscribe to a health and wellness publication that you can read for 2 minutes while you're brushing your teeth. Sign up for one of the many online 'quotes' ezines that will deliver an uplifting tidbit each day to your inbox, then print it out and share with the family at dinnertime. Feed on these simple changes and odds are great you'll be glad to stick with them over the long haul.

- What's the point? Ever heard any of these statements?

'Does it really matter if I walk tonight? I only have 20 minutes and I'm so tired from work.'

'Why drink a glass of water before I eat? It's only water, after all. I need taste!'

'I know I never spend much time with my son, but he's got to understand that I'...

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