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Weight and Diet Control Macon GA

Looking for information on Weight and Diet Control in Macon? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Macon that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find information on Weight and Diet Control in Macon.

Body Evolution
(478) 390-7636
171 Spring Street
Macon, GA
discount health plan
(478) 745-5807
180 hidden lake
Macon, GA
Nu-Era Fitnez
(478) 238-6372
3640 Eisenhower Pkwy # 140
Macon, GA
Mathews Athletic Center
(478) 757-5251
4760 Forsyth Road
Macon, GA
Kinetix Health Club
(478) 405-5220
5430 Bowman Road
Macon, GA
Ahn's Fitness Center
(478) 474-3500
3282 Vineville Ave
Macon, GA
Fitness Xtream
(478) 405-0420
2974 Riverside Drive
Macon, GA
North Macon Cross Fit
(478) 254-2274
4650B Forsyth Rd
Macon, GA
Trainers Fitness Institute LLC
(478) 757-7180
4733 Northside Drive
Macon, GA
Golds Gym Macon
(478) 471-9199
4357 Forsyth Rd
Macon, GA

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Losing That Extra Weight
Strategies for Successful Slimming

BITs for Weight Loss

Chopra recommends that you follow the BITs instead of or in conjunction with a calorie-cutting diet. Your excess weight is caused not just by what you've been eating but by how you've been eating it-carelessly or compulsively, on the run instead of sitting down, between meals instead of at regular hours. These are simple things, of course, but they make a big difference. 

Leaving aside the very small minority who actually have a hormone or metabolic problem, most overweight people, according to Chopra, are the victims of conditioning-bad habits that have been unconsciously built into their bodies over time. Everyone's body has the intelligence to know the right amount to eat; nature gave us the hunger reflex to tell us when our bodies want food and its opposite, the satiation reflex, to tell us when our stomachs are satisfied. People who have lost these instincts have surrendered an important aspect of their body's intelligence. They eat like machines, switched on by automatic cues-the sight and smell of food, or just the thought of it. But by following the BITS they can return to "conscious eating," guided by the body's inner intelligence. 

Besides overeating, other abuses at the table can suppress our healthy instincts for eating. If you consume a meal while feeling angry, according to Ayurveda, you are producing mental ama from your food. (A Western physician wou...

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