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Sunscreen Troy MI

Sunscreen protects your skin from sunburn. See below for local retailers in Troy that provide access to water-resistant sunscreen, UVA protection, and UVB protection, as well as advice and content on sun exposure, SPF, the UV index, and the recommended re-application frequency of sunscreen.

Cost Plus World Market #58
(248) 589-9300
560 John R Rd
Troy, MI
Target Stores
(248) 614-9792
1301 Coolidge Hwy
Troy, MI
(248) 655-0512
2029 W Maple Rd
Troy, MI
Kohl's Dept Stores
(248) 585-2400
500 John R Rd
Troy, MI
Penney J C Company Inc
(248) 583-3400
Oakland Mall Shoppin
Troy, MI
T J Maxx
(248) 585-9260
350 John R Rd
Troy, MI
Home Goods
(248) 733-9613
600 John R Rd
Troy, MI
Abercrombie & Fitch
(248) 637-0013
2800 W Big Beaver Rd
Troy, MI
Kohl's Dept Store
(248) 822-9101
1265 Coolidge Hwy
Troy, MI
(248) 524-6161
901 E Big Beaver Rd
Troy, MI

Functions Of The Skin

Functions of the Skin

The skin has several important functions.

  1. It provides a protective barrier, defending the body from all outside environmental influences, including extremes in temperature and exposure to disease organisms such as harmful bacteria and infections, wind and ultraviolet rays from sunshine. 

  2. It acts as a thermostat, retaining heat or cooling you down with sweat.

  3. It acts as a waste disposal. Certain waste is expelled from your body 24 hours a day through your skin in the form of excess water, toxins and carbon dioxide.

  4. It is important in body processes such as respiration, and metabolism.

  5. It provides you with a sense of touch to help you communicate with the outside world.

  6. It responds to sudden changes in emotions.

  7. The skin is the body's main organ of sexual attraction.

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