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Reaching Higher Inc
(810) 220-8812
815 N 2nd St
Brighton, MI
Life Coach

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Fran Peters
(517) 292-0950
Advanced Behavioral Medicine2901 E Grand River
Howell, MI
Relationship Issues, Child or Adolescent, Life Coaching, Dissociative Disorders
School: Eastern
Year of Graduation: 1991
Years In Practice: 15+ Years
Patient Info
Ethnicity: Any
Gender: All
Average Cost
$90 - $180
Payment Methods
Sliding Scale: No
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Accepted Insurance Plans: Aetna

Personal Growth Unlimited Inc
(517) 272-7279
913 W Holmes Rd
Lansing, MI
Life Coach

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Making A Change Llc
(248) 926-0971
44719 Tiverton
Novi, MI
Life Coach

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Alje vanHoorn
Ann Arbor, MI
Coaching Types
Master practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming

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Insights Group
(810) 229-2822
7187 Grand River Rd
Brighton, MI
Life Coach

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Chris Kostoff
(810) 210-6650
Flushing, MI
Coaching Types
Life, Leadership, Performance

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She Wellness
(248) 837-0303
17177 N Laurel Park Dr Suite 101, Livionia, MI 48152, 1201 Livernois, Fernd
Livonia, MI
Life Coach, Mental Health Professional

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Quest Martial Arts
(734) 332-1800
2111 Packard St
Ann Arbor, MI
Life Coach

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Raphael Megan
(231) 922-2234
812 E State St
Traverse City, MI
Life Coach

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Finding Serenity

Finding Serenity
By Sibyl McLendon

1. Look for it! You are never going to find something unless you are looking for it in your life. You have to be open to the belief that you can be a serene person before you can actually be one.

2. Believe that you deserve serenity in your life. If you have low self esteem and feel that you do not deserve the best that life has to offer, then you are putting up walls that only you can tear down. You will deny yourself serenity if you don't think that you are worthy of it.

3. Serenity comes from within. You are not going to find serenity outside of yourself. You create it from within yourself. Being serene has nothing to do with your environment; you create the serene environment as the natural result of finding it inside yourself.

4. Stop and think before you react! If you are merely RE-acting to situations in your life without thought, you are stopping the serenity before it can manifest. Most situations are only disturbing for as long as you allow them to be, and few are really going to matter a week or a month from now, let alone next year.

5. Look for the lesson in negative situations. Things really do happen for a reason, even if you can't find the reason right now. Ask yourself how you contributed to the situation and what you can learn from it. Learn a lesson and you can move on, fail to learn it and it is just going to keep reappearing in your life until you do.

6. Establish serene habits. If you take time out for yourself and do serenity-inducing things for yourself it is a lot easier to maintain the serenity during the day. A candle-lit bath, meditation time, sitting in and appreciating nature, listening to soothing music these all go a long way to helping keep you serene.

7. Try to weed out the people who cause conflict in your life. If you have people who are creating negative situations on a regular basis in your life, it may be time to reexamine their importance to you.

8. Realize that our past can dictate our present. People raised in a negative, abusive and/or chaotic family environment, often seek out the same type of people in their lives when they grow up. This is because we subconsciously tend to gravitate to what we are used to, even if what we are used to is negative. We feel comfortable in negative situations only because we have been exposed to them so much. This pattern can be broken by the realization that it has happened to us!

9. Wake up each morning and be thankful for the gift of a new day. Each day is filled with opportunity for blessings, and we need to see that. If you start each day with a smile and the expectation of blessings, you will end each day in a serene and peaceful manner.

10. Spend time every night, before going to sleep, taking stock of the day. Perhaps journaling will help you do this. Look for the small blessings that you given and say thanks for them. Think about situations that you may have been able to handle better, and resolve to ...

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It's What You've Got That Counts

It's What You've Got That Counts
By Kathy Gates, Professional Life Coach

Is it time to do a little re-decorating in your LIFE? We've all heard the expression "out with the old, in with the new". And that works quite well in a lot of instances in life, when we need to de-clutter not only our physical environment, but our mental space as well.

But in order to experience the value of change in your life, you don't have to throw out everything you already have and start all over. That's not only intimidating, it's usually just not possible, much less practical (who are we, Madonna?).

Clever use of your lifestyle ingredients means maximum pleasure. Here are some unique ways to use what you've got to help your life work FOR you instead of against you.


Creating a better life for yourself is not necessarily changing what you do, it's sometimes just changing HOW you do what you do. How is always more important than what. Ask yourself -- is there joy and a sense of ease in what I am doing? If there isn't, then life will be viewed as difficult, a struggle. Remind yourself to be open to trying different ways of doing the same thing, and see what works better for you.

Find an Inspiration Piece:

A room can be very dull without an inspiration piece that ties it all together. So can Life. Most people have 3-4 very "high goals", or goals that are the inspiration and mission of their life. It might be "create a happy healthy home for those I love". Or it might be "maintain financial security". Or "make a contribution to society". Whatever your highest goals, they serve as an inspiration piece, and all other parts of your life either fit, or don't. Be willing to revamp any pieces that have crept in over the years, but don't fit in with your overall scheme.


You may resist this word because it sounds so "Martha Stewart". But it's not about being betty-homemaker. It IS about creating an environment that serves you, supports you, and contributes to the lifestyle that you want. Take it slow, as a goal you work towards, not something you can do in a Saturday morning. Controlling clutter is definitely not a silver bullet, but it is one of the best tools you could ever have for creating a better life for yourself and those you love.

Divide and Conquer:

Also known as 'compartmentalizing', this is a tool that can work wonders in your life. Compartmentalizing works best when you create visual, physical, or even mental boundaries in your life. Don't spend your time at work worrying about what you need to do at home, and your time at home worrying about what you need to do at work. Instead, divide your time and energy into categories, and focus your attention where you want it at that particular time.

Display What You Love:

In home decorating, sometimes the most eclectic displays are the most interesting. It doesn't matter if it's worth a lot to the neighbor down the street or not. If it's important to you...

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