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Feng Shui Great Falls MT

Looking for Feng Shui in Great Falls? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Great Falls that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Feng Shui in Great Falls.

LMH Interior Design
(406) 453-1901
1219 Central Ave. Great Falls
Great Falls, MT
LMH Interior Design
(406) 453-1901
1219 Central Ave.
Great Falls, MT
Rocky Mountain Design-Interiors
(406) 222-6262
601 W Park St.
Livingston, MT
Mary Sue Gunnufson Interior Design
(406) 256-6232
631 Park Ln. Billings
Billings, MT
Blue Ribbon Builders, Inc.
(406) 995-4579
145 Center Lane Unit L Meadow Village
Big Sky, MT
Judith Hawkins Interior Design
(406) 761-5806
412 Central Ave.
Great Falls, MT
Judith Hawkins Interior Design
(406) 761-5806
412 Central Ave. Great Falls
Great Falls, MT
Sherri Grimes Design
(406) 244-3605
2080 Swanson Ln. Bonner
Bonner, MT
Gene Rockman Interiors
(406) 252-2741
2704 2nd Ave. N
Billings, MT
(406) 465-2634
P.O. Box 6516
Helena, MT

How to Improve Your Love Life with the Power of Feng Shui, Holistic Living

How to Improve Your Love Life with the Power of Feng Shui
By Stephanie Roberts

Feng shui (say "fung shway") is the art of creating a home environment that supports the life you want to live. A key element of feng shui is creating a smooth flow of chi (positive energy) through your space. Chi likes to move through your home as though it were a gentle breeze or a meandering stream. Where it is blocked, the energy becomes stagnant, like a pond choked with algae and fallen leaves. You are likely to feel blocked in life, and your energy and enthusiasm will be low. Balancing and correcting the chi of your bedroom can do wonders for romance. Here are some quick and easy ways to improve your love life by improving the energy of your space:

1. Clean up your bedroom  

When your bedroom is cluttered and untidy, the energy in there will be low and slow. Clutter is a sure sign that chi is stuck, so roll up your sleeves and clean the place up if you want to jump-start your love life. Ring a bell, shake a rattle, or clap your hands loudly around the room to clear out old, stale energy.

2. Make room for love  

If you want to attract a new romantic partner-or move a casual relationship closer to commitment-make sure there is space for that person in your home. Look at your closets, shelves, and dressers, especially in the bedroom; if they are all filled to capacity with your own stuff, make clearing some room for your current or future partner a priority. Aim to free up 25% of the space in your bedroom for someone else's things. When you are done, take a moment to visualize your loved one's belongings finding a home there.

3. Don't work out in the bedroom  

When you exercise in the bedroom, or store your sports equipment there, you bring the energy of hard work and exertion into your romance space. Do you want your relationship to feel like a tough workout? If not, move your workout stuff somewhere else, and your relationship is likely to move along more smoothly.

4. Remove old relationship energy  

Go through your home-especially your bedroom-and remove anything that reminds you of past failed relationships; this could be an ex-boyfriend's old sweater you find in the closet, photographs of you with a previous partner, a gift that reminds you (unfavorably) of a giver with whom you are no longer in love-anything that reminds you of a love that went bad. No matter how incurable a romantic you may be, do NOT keep old love letters anywhere in your bedroom unless they are from someone with whom you are still blissfully paired up.

5. Remove inappropriate imagery  

The images with which you surround yourself can have a powerful effect on your love life. Feng shui clients who complain of difficulty finding romance have often surrounded themselves with images of a person alone. Inappropriate imagery includes anything that represents solitude, loneliness, aggression, hard work, conflict, or di...

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