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Facial Massages Garden City KS

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Floating Cloud Salon
(620) 271-9180
311 Washington St
Garden City, KS
Massage Practitioner

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Salon Radiance
(620) 275-5727
317 N 8th St
Garden City, KS
Health Spa, Massage Practitioner

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Natural Therapy Treatment Sharon Robertson
(620) 276-1960
1502 Harding Ave
Garden City, KS
Legends Salon LLC
(620) 276-6777
109 Grant Avenue
Garden City, KS
Rays Massage
(620) 275-9730
1502 Harding Ave Ste 3
Garden City, KS
Generations Salon
(620) 276-2252
111 E Laurel St
Garden City, KS
Massage Practitioner

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Coyote's Family Fitness
(620) 260-9300
2302 E Mary St
Garden City, KS
Massage Practitioner

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Main St Salon & Spa
(620) 276-3019
523 North Main Street
Garden City, KS
Craig Dixie Alternative Therapeutics
(620) 276-0723
Garden City, KS
Fulk Chiropractic
(913) 938-6986
21890 South Webster St. Suite A
Spring Hill, KS
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Facial Massage

Facial Massage

Massage helps the skin to absorb oils and creams easily. It relaxes you. It relieves tension. It restores energy to your body by stimulating the blood flow.

Skin Care
  1. Pour a small amount of the blended oil into the palm of your hand and gently apply all over the face. Avoid your eyes.

  2. With the backs of your hands, gently tap the skin around the jaw-line and underneath the chin to stimulate the skin cells.

  3. Apply small circular movements to the chin area, using your thumbs. This will tone, help circulation and eliminate toxins.

  4. Make an "oooh"-shaped mouth. Massage either side easing out fine lines.

  5. With your fingertips, press along the top of the cheekbones and massage outward up to the temples to release toxins.

  6. With the middle fingers, apply pressure to points above the bridge of the nose and underneath the eyebrows. Hold for 5 seconds and smooth across from the inner to the outer corners of the eyebrows and continue up to the temples.

  7. To relieve tension, apply firm pressure at either side of the temples, and rotate backward.

  8. Stroke up the forehead to the hairline with the palms of the hands, smoothing out fine lines.

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