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Happy Hannukkah Holiday Ideas

Happy Hannukkah Holiday Ideas

(FeatureSource) - The celebration of Hannukkah is a time that Jewish families look forward to all year. Penny Warner, author of "The Best Party Book: 1001 Creative Ideas for Fun Parties" (Meadowbrook Press), has some great suggestions for celebrating the eight-day Festival of Lights.

-Your invitations should bring out the holiday spirit. Cut out a menorah from yellow paper and write party details on the back of it. You can also make Star of David invitations with blue and white construction paper. Simply cut out one white triangle and one blue triangle, weave the triangles into an authentic star shape, glue them together, and write your party details on the edges.

-Party decorations can be a lot of work, but Warner recommends keeping them simple and traditional. Decorate your home or party room with blue and white, the traditional Jewish colors. You can find blue and white crepe paper, cups, plates, and other decorations at a party supply store or a store that sells Jewish merchandise. Write Hebrew phrases, such as "Nes Gadol Hayah Sham" which means "A great miracle happened there," or "Shalom" which means "peace", on streamers and hang them from the ceiling and walls. Light a menorah and place it in a front window to greet your guests. Play traditional Hebrew music, like "Ma'oz Tzur."

-When the guests arrive, keep them busy with popular Hanukkah activities, such as spinning the dreidel. This game of chance can be played with the whole family, but children especially enjoy it. It's easy to make a four-sided dreidel with clay, or you can purchase one at a toy store. Each side of the dreidel has a letter on it that tells you what to do. If you spin the dreidel and land on "N" you get nothing from the kitty, "G" you get everything, "H" you get half, "S" you put half of your money in the kitty. The kitty is the pot or center, which is filled with pennies or candies.

-During all the fun, serve traditional foods, such as potato latkes or blintzes. Have guests bring a favorite recipe from a Jewish cookbook and do a recipe exchange.

-Easy party favors include dreidels, chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil, candles or menorahs, blue and white items such as stationery or dishware.

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Have a Smashing Super Bowl Dinner Party

Have a Smashing Super Bowl Dinner Party

(FeatureSource) - A Super Bowl party doesn't have to be a chips and beer-fest. Karen Brown offers the following ideas for a smashing Super Bowl dinner party from her book, "The Dinner Party Cookbook."

  • Ask guests to dress in the colors of their favorite team.

  • Decorate with pennants, pom-poms, and toy footballs.

  • Serve food and beverages as a buffet, or assemble box lunches that guests can balance on their laps during the game.

  • For a centerpiece, use a real football surrounded by mums, ribbons, and miniature football figures.

  • Get things started by organizing a pool with low-dollar bets.

  • Try a menu of warm crab dip on pita chips, green beans and potato casserole, beef tenderloin on rolls, caramel brownies, and Bloody Marys.

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Throw a love-ly Valentine's Day party

Throw a love-ly Valentine's Day party.

(FeatureSource) - Valentine's Day doesn't just have to be celebrated for two. Have a romantic party and invite all your friends to enjoy this love-ly day. Here are some ideas from Penny Warner's book, "The Best Party Book" (Meadowbrook Press).

Make your own invitations by cutting hearts out of velvety paper, or using lacy heart-shaped white paper. Include little candy "conversation" hearts in the envelope. Buy small, heart-shaped boxes of candy, write the party details under the lid, and hand-deliver the invitations.

Ask guest to dress in red, white, or pink, or in a romantic outfit, or as a famous romantic character.

Light lots of red, pink, and white votive candles around your home. Hang posters from romantic movies. Use real or artificial roses, along with heart-shaped balloons tied together with ribbons. Play romantic music.

Make "love coupons" to hand out to your guests. Some can be appealing, such as "Good for time off from your least-favorite chore." Some can be duds, like "Good for one phone call to your mother-in-law."

Go around and ask guests to tell how they met their significant other. You may be surprised at how different the versions of these stories may be!

Make the refreshments pink, red, and delicious. Serve strawberry daiquiris or mimosas (pink champagne and orange juice). Stuff sandwiches with pink salmon or crab meat. Put strawberries, cherries, or raspberries on croissants with whipped cream. T...

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