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A. M. Todd Company
(513) 881-7144
9047 Sutton Place
Hamilton, OH

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Fairfeld Bnquet Convention Ctr
(513) 829-8400
74 Donald Dr Fairfield
, OH
Crystal Rooms Banquet Halls
(513) 742-8400
11450 Sebring Dr Cincinnati
, OH
Tazza Mia
(513) 860-4125
9216 Allen Road
West Chester, OH

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Starlight Ballroom
(513) 624-0020
7860 Cincinnati Dayton Rd West Chester
, OH
Ken's Beverage
(513) 874-8200
3219 Homeward Way
Fairfield, OH

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Northwest Lanes Inc
(513) 829-4444
1765 Happy Valley Dr Fairfield
, OH
Grippo Potato Chip Co. Inc.
(513) 923-1900
6750 Colerain Avenue
Cincinnati, OH

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Kreines Enterprises dba A La Carte Dessert & Catering Co.
(513) 891-8688
9960 Princeton Glendale Road
Cincinnati, OH

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Skidmore Sales & Distributing Co. Inc.
(513) 755-4200
9889 Cincinnati-Dayton Road
West Chester, OH

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Recipes, Choosing Foods For Your Special Event

by Sintilia Miecevole

Choosing the right menu for a special event can be just as important as choosing a location. Food can communicate a theme, convey a feeling or set the mood of an entire night. If you are planning a high-class extravaganza, hot dogs and beer might not be appropriate. However, they might be the perfect choice for a birthday party at the lake. Taking great care in planning a menu shows your guests how much you appreciate them, and a great meal can help make a special day even more memorable.

If you are planning a birthday party for your child, an interactive meal can be a fun activity for your guests. Rather than slaving away in the kitchen all day or spending countless dollars ordering pizzas, you can save time and money by letting the guests make their own special creations. One fun idea is to prepare a multitude of toppings and let the children make their own bagel or English muffin pizzas. They will have a blast piling on strange combinations of toppings, and they will enjoy feeling like grown-ups in the kitchen.

For a more formal occasion like a holiday party, finger foods can be great for mingling guests, and they can be great topics of conversation. The obligatory finger sandwich can be spiced up by adding your own special pesto or cheese spread to an already tried and true recipe. Experiment with different ingredients in the weeks prior to the party, and test them out on your family. You will know when you get the reaction you are looking for, and you might end up spending much of the party writing down your recipe for your guests.

Planning a menu for a wedding can be quite stressful, especially when you are not sure exactly how many guests will be attending. The rule of thumb is that too much is better than not enough, even if it means having a lot of food left over at the end of the night. You can choose to have a buffet-style dinner, or you can have a set menu for your guests. It is important to consider your guests with special dietary needs. You should have vegetarian and low-sodium alternatives to your main courses, and you should have a heart-healthy menu for those who must avoid foods with high fat contents.

Before attempting a large-scale meal, you should make all of the dishes several times to perfect your recipes. Your goal is to have guests asking for more even after it all runs out. Test your creations on a variety of people and make adjustments according to their suggestions. When cooking food from your own recipes, it is important to remember the details of what you did every time you make it. That way you will know what went wrong when something turns out horrible, and more importantly what went right when you receive raving reviews.

Planning portions is the most important part of catering your own party. Though most recipes tell you how many people they will feed, it is best to err on the side of caution. If a recipe feeds eight, you might want to count it as six or seven, depending...

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