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Sarah Hockey-Swanson
(775) 580-7264
Zephyr Cove, NV
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Sarah Hockey-Swanson, CPC and CCC
(775) 580-7264
P.O. Box 1669
Zephyr Cove, NV
Linda M McLean
(775) 851-8934
Reno, NV
Cynthia Lake, LCI Certified Life Coach
(775) 848-6678
59 Damonte Ranch Parkway # B-304
Reno, NV
Annette R Miller
(775) 232-6122
4750 Giles Way Washoe Valley
Reno, NV
Ms. Cathy Norris
(775) 232-3394
Po Box 5374
Incline Village, NV
Mr. Kevin W. Ciccotti, CPCCACC
775.750.4008, 775.750.4008
P.O. Box 17314
Reno, NV
Skip BorstMCC
408.779.6469, 408.476.3364
5865 Cartier Drive
Reno, NV
Ms. Susan Mahoney
(775) 853-4641
3880 Fairview Road
Reno, NV
Deanna Mandichak
(775) 853-5444
14744 Rim Rock Dr
Reno, NV
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Love Your Way to Success

By Hershey Wier, MBA

One of the most important things I learned back in business school was that promotions often don`t depend on one`s job skills, but on interpersonal skills. It was impressed upon us that an employee could have the best skills in the department, but if he/she could not get work done through people, cooperate with people, then that employee could be going nowhere fast, in spite of wonderful skills.

So, with all of the back-stabbing and jockeying-for-position in today`s tough marketplace, you might ask, "What`s love got to do with this?"

Love is connected to money. If the word "love" is too strong for you, then you could try the word "like." People do all sorts of things for other people, simply because they like or love them. Parents buy and do all sorts of things for their kids because they love them. The same goes for friends and lovers. When you get a promotion, you get more money, and since love is connected to money, love is also connected to promotions, love is connected to success. See the logic?

We often hear the saying "business is business." It gives one the impression that as soon as human beings enter a business situation, we can automatically shut our feelings off. That feelings do not affect the outcome of business decisions. In any business situation, all things being equal, you`ll do your business with those for whom you feel an affinity. In some cases, decisions are based solely on practical variables, such as price. However, even then, you will wisely avoid doing business with the cheaper bid if your gut feeling tells you that something isn`t right - something seems dishonorable or "fishy." In short, ∗you don`t like∗ the person or the situation.

So, how do you start loving your way to success? Well, it isn`t by getting touchy-feely with your co-workers, particularly if that is not your natural self. Be yourself. What matters is what`s going on inside of you. I have worked in some hostile work environments, and as you may know, it takes a saint in order to keep from thinking the worst about co-workers who are determined to make your life miserable.

So, be a saint. Realize that deep down, no one - including the troublemakers - wants to work in a stress-filled environment. It`s just that some people, regardless of their rank in the organization, do not know how to manage, how to cooperate, nor how to create a positive and productive work- environment. That is the sad and simple reality. You can help them by trying something on a regular basis, called kything.

Kything is creating positive outcomes in your mind`s eye. Envisioning scenes, even if they are pure fiction, scenes of you and the people/situation you`d like to change. Keep the higher good of all in mind while visualizing your scene. You may be doing this for yourself, but keep in mind the needs of your colleagues, as well. I believe that what you conjure up in your mind`s eye will could very well come back to you - the good - as w...

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