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Candida Treatment Altoona PA

Candida is a strain of yeast found naturally occurring in the digestive tract, intestines, mouth, throat and vagina. When the natural levels become out of balance, a yeast infection can occur, causing health problems. Traditional Chinese medicine has some natural remedies to cure such imbalance. Read below for more information or to find related treatments and products.

Blair Medical Associates
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Center for Holistic Living
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3415 Pleasant Valley Boulevard
Altoona, PA
Campbell Terence J District Of Columbia
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2513 Broad Avenue
Altoona, PA
Everything Natural Under The Sun
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3415 Pleasant Valley Boulevard
Altoona, PA
A Place To Rejuvenate
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116 Byron Avenue
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Body Mind Connection Therapeutic Massage
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704 Van Buren Avenue
Altoona, PA
Farabaugh Edward F District Of Columbia
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1409 8th Street
Altoona, PA
Center for Results
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1119 13th Avenue
Altoona, PA
Fye HJ Office
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1405 East Walton Avenue
Altoona, PA
First Choice Chiropractic LLC
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523 East 25th Avenue
Altoona, PA